Office Supplies

Office Supplies and Equipment Deduction


Office Supplies and equipment expenses consist of the cost of office supplies, software and computer equipment. Office expenses are always deductible, even if you rarely use these supplies on a day to day basis. You can deduct all office equipment costs, even those items that are used infrequently and only when absolutely necessary.

The second item to include in your office expenses tax deductions is the selling price or markup. This means that the price you paid for the goods sold is more than the total cost of the goods sold. If you have any retail business, including any drop shipping company, you can claim a reasonable markup against your office supplies and office operating expenses. However, you cannot deduct sales or expenses at any retail location where you obtain the goods sold. You must have an office location in order to deduct this item. You may also be able to claim a reasonable fee for professional services rendered to you in determining the amount of your retail sale.

Some common types of business expenses you may be able to deduct include: business travel, business telephone expenses, charitable contributions, home office expenses and some education expenses. There are many other item types that are included in your receipts, but these are the major ones that most people are familiar with. Just because you happen to be a taxpayer with a large family or if you happen to be a frequent student doesn’t mean that you can’t earn income tax deductions. Every single taxpayer should understand what deductions are available to them and take full advantage of them so that they can have a larger amount of disposable income at the end of the year.

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